Business as Usual for Courts: Temporary Changes to Insolvency Rules

In light of the Corona Virus pandemic a temporary insolvency practice direction has been introduced from April 2020 and will remain in force until 1 October 2020, unless revoked or amended. Key considerations to note are: Filing notice of intention to appoint an administrator and notice of appointment of an administrator: Subject to exceptions, where […]

COVID-19, Footballers and Furlough Leave

Introduction Taking a look at the workings of the UK corona virus furlough scheme within Premier League Football Clubs and of football players. The news of football clubs furloughing its employees has been met with backlash. There has been negative reaction to football clubs implementing the government’s measures to assist businesses during this time, especially […]

Information on the VAT Deferral Scheme.

As part of its temporary measures to combat the effects of the Corona Virus on business, HMRC has agreed to defer VAT tax payments to aid cash flow. Know your rights to ensure you benefit: All businesses that are registered for UK VAT have the option to defer VAT payments due between 20 March 2020 […]

Does the Corona Virus mean fair employment procedures go out the window?

As the Corona Virus pandemic spreads, businesses in the UK are understandably concerned, with the government requiring the closure of all businesses where social gatherings take place, such as restaurants, pubs and gyms. Widespread travel bans, a fall in oil prices, and drop in trade demand globally has led to many employers in the travel, […]

Registered charges against land and statutory order of priority when tacking further advances

Perfect Security. ‘Tacking’ and ‘further advances’ and Order of Priority.

Ranking of a creditor’s interest against land is crucial to the order of priority of distribution of assets in the event of a debtor’s insolvency. The statutory order of priority shall apply to how the insolvent’s assets are distributed to satisfy its creditors. The statutory Order of Priority is broadly in the following order: 1. […]

Tightening of rules to Qualify for Entrepreneurs’ Relief

Entrepreneurs’ Relief reduces the amount of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on a disposal of qualifying business assets on or after 6 April 2008, as long as you’ve met the qualifying conditions throughout a two-year qualifying period either up to the date of disposal or the date the business ceased. To claim Entrepreneurs’ Relief you have […]

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A Complete Guide to Court Injunctions and What They Do

To put it in simple words, an injunction is a court order to one or different parties that either refrains the person from doing something or requires him to do certain tasks. The sole purpose of issuing an injunction is to prohibit a certain party from performing activities that can cause irreparable harm to another […]

EU flag, Ten tips to prepare for BREXIT

10 Steps for Businesses to Prepare for a No Deal Brexit

With Brexit playing out in Parliament before us and the question of deal or no deal looming, it pays to be prepared no matter what the outcome. Here are 10 steps that you can take to prepare for a no deal Brexit. 1. Check your website, domains and technology providers – do you use services […]

Ai Law advises on new Agricultural Social Media Platform

Ai Law has advised on the start-up of the new user-generated agricultural social media platform, EatFarmNow. EatFarmNow hosts a wide variety of topics and content that spans the big issues in the farming, food and agricultural industries today. Started by a collective team made up of agri-business advisors, journalists and PR and social media […]

Takeover Secures Future of Flammable Solvents Business

Ai Law is happy to have acted for BIP Chemicals in their recent acquisition of a North West based flammable solvent recovery business, which has resulted in one of the largest single site solvent refinery plants in Europe with the largest capacity in UK. Mike Bennett, chief executive of BIP Organics has said: “This acquisition […]