Does the Corona Virus mean fair employment procedures go out the window?

As the Corona Virus pandemic spreads, businesses in the UK are understandably concerned, with the government requiring the closure of all businesses where social gatherings take place, such as restaurants, pubs and gyms. Widespread travel bans, a fall in oil prices, and drop in trade demand globally has led to many employers in the travel, […]

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A Complete Guide to Court Injunctions and What They Do

To put it in simple words, an injunction is a court order to one or different parties that either refrains the person from doing something or requires him to do certain tasks. The sole purpose of issuing an injunction is to prohibit a certain party from performing activities that can cause irreparable harm to another […]

Landlords taking back possession

Landlords Taking Back Possession – Injunction or Possession Order?

As a landlord, when a tenant refuses to leave or there is dispute over termination of tenancy, one must tread carefully to ensure that the tenancy is terminated pursuant to the contract and the act of taking back possession is carried out lawfully. Without agreement by your tenant or in the event of trespassers, taking […]