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Our corporate and commercial work is at the heart of the practice. We provide advice tailored to our client’s needs advising on a range of corporate matters.

Advising businesses and consumers makes up the majority of our practice.  We advise on all commercial transactions within a diverse area of law.

Merger and Acquisitions

We have experience on merger and acquisition matters, acting in an advisory and transactional capacity. We can advise on all manners of private acquisitions, including share purchases, asset purchases, MBO and MBI, and investment agreements.

We offer standalone corporate due diligence service and due diligence reports for pre-acquisition investigation purposes and in tandem with tax advisors, are able to advise on legal structuring of your proposed venture.

Charitable Organisations

We have experience acting for charity’s and friendly societies, able to advise on the set up and structuring of such organisations, together with laying the proper foundation and paperwork for the entity. In order to become a registered charitable organisation it is necessary to meet the minimum requirements, on which we can advise.

Lending and Security

Ai Law has a dedicated team of corporate finance lawyers who have expertise in handling corporate lending matters. We look after a wide variety of corporate lending matters, be it creating the loan contracts or bankruptcy matters.

Our team of professional corporate lawyers focuses on utilizing their expertise and years of experience to tailor bespoke solutions that tackle different corporate finance issues. We can guide you through the entire process of corporate financing and help you make better financial decisions.

Joint Ventures

At the outset of a joint venture, it can be hard not to only focus on the potential success that is to follow, however it is prudent to focus on how to protect yourself if something was to go wrong. Our advisors approach their instructions from a first-person point of view to ensure that they fully understand the objectives of the venture and what you are trying to achieve. By doing this, we can properly draft the applicable JV agreements to ensure those aims are met and that the parties have adequate protection.

Acting in tandem with professional advisors where applicable, we seek to advise on the available structures to structure your venture and by our full-service commercial offering our advice can extend beyond the transactional element, advising on essential aspects of a venture that may arise, including intellectual property, ownership, legal rights, profit sharing and control.


Structuring the company’s shareholding is critical. Different share classes can be used to a business’s benefit for various reasons such as employee incentives.

We advise on shareholding and structuring. If seeking to create a new class of shares it is important to take professional legal advice to ensure that the rights given to do not contradict or cause issue with other shareholdings. We can advise on the process, including incorporating any new share class within the Company Articles and shareholder agreements, along with making the necessary filing to formalise the structure.

Corporate Structuring

Ai Law can advise on the structure available to our corporate clients who are considering how best to structure or restructure their business.


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