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Drawing upon experience, our dispute resolution team uses its expertise to develop effective case-by-case strategies with a view to reach resolution to the benefit of our clients. 

Our Dispute Resolution lawyers have experience in settling disputes from pre-action settlements all the way through to acting on notable matters in Supreme Court and Strasbourg. through negotiation as well as litigation. We work with a vision to settle disputes and achieve resolutions as quickly as possible so that you can move forward with the day to day business operations. Some of our reported case law is mentioned below.

Commercial Litigation

Our dispute resolution lawyers can help you resolve a wide range of business disputes, including breach of contract, tortious claims, internal shareholder disputes and derivative actions. Our team strives to achieve the best possible results for your business.

Contractual Dispute

Contractual disputes are time-consuming and can harm your businesses reputation as well. Our lawyers will provide you with the best legal advice to resolve contractual disputes by achieving the best commercial resolution available.

Cease and Desists

Brand protection is crucial. Our team of dispute resolution lawyers can assist on perceived infringement matters by sending cease and desist notices to offenders and seeking to enforce against infringing parties.

Real Estate Litigation

The team at Ai Law can help you with any disputes you may have involving real estate. Being a high value investment, real estate can be a cause for significant dispute. Our lawyers have experience in resolving an extensive range of real estate disputes including breach of contract, breach of covenants, planning dispute, debt recovery, professional negligence, enforcement of options, winding ups and declarations of trust.

IP Dispute and Infringement

Our dispute resolution solicitors are experienced in intellectual property matters. We can help you resolve any IP disputes you may have, whether third party infringement or challenges to your IP, speak with an advisor today.

Judicial Review

Ai Law are experienced in having public body decisions reviewed and can assist you with the process.


Publicly made statements can have a damaging effect on businesses and brands. This issue is more prevalent in our society than ever before with the reach of online and social media which has given more people a platform to voice their opinion. Whilst a defamatory statement printed in a newspaper issue fifty years ago would have had a limited reach to its readers, a statement made today leaves a footprint that can last forever.

The term “defamation” covers libel and slander. Both concern the publication of defamatory material, that is, something that adversely affects a person’s reputation. The distinction between the two is that libel concerns “lasting” forms of publication such as print, online or broadcasting. Slander concerns more transient forms such as spoken words or gestures. A slander will generally be actionable only if the claimant can show that it has caused tangible damage. however, in libel, damage is generally presumed (as was confirmed by the Court of Appeal in Lachaux v Independent Print Ltd [2017] EWCA Civ 1334).

We have experience in this area of law and can assist you whether you have been on the receiving end of publicly made statements or have received notice in respect of any statements allegedly made by you.


Our lawyers have experience in bringing and defending disputes with foreign entities and enforcing judgments.

Injunctive Relief

Injunctive relief is a powerful remedy that requires an offending party to refrain from doing or to do a specific act. At Ai Law we can advise on prospects of success when applying for injunctive relief.


Our dispute resolution solicitors are dedicated to helping creditors recover money owed from debtors. We can review your case and advise on your chances of recovery together with options available and methods of enforcement.


Our lawyers can advise you on options to enforce contractual agreements and judgments.



In tailoring our advice to be in the best interests of our clients, Ai Law will discuss your case and potential remedies, including seeking settlements that serve in the interests of all parties without the need for costly legal proceedings.

Immigration Appeals

Whether it is visa denial or deportation orders, our lawyers at AI Law have expertise in advising immigrants with the right immigration appeal procedures.


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