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What is “e-Business”?


e-Business refers to any dealings that transact online. All businesses must now operate online to some extent, even bricks and mortar based. Businesses must be equipped to navigate the pitfalls regulation and issues that come with operating online. A ‘market place on steroids’. Applying legal principle to new technology and areas is a technical endeavour, which Ai Law have built up a wealth of experience in. These issues are cropping up more and more as the internet market place continues to grow and change the face of commerce as we know it. See below for how our e-Business focus can help your business.

Ai Law is specialist advising on all e-Business matters:

Acting on matters involving the internet requires specific awareness of the unique legal processes applied to an online context. Ai Law has built up a wealth of experience – our Brand Protection and e-Business service offers a full package to clients with online operations. Our team is aware of the latest technologies through consistent acting, so that we may provide our tech, media and e-commerce clients with guidance and assistance.

Designed for organisations operating online and wanting somebody in their corner to protect their brand. Our service guides you and acts on disputes. 

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Online is King.

It is practically impossible to run a business without using the internet. An online presence is key to launching a successful brand in any industry. Online shopping market size is predicted to hit 4 trillion in 2020/21. The UK is the second most popular leading average e-Commerce revenue per shopper, behind only the USA. Research shows the majority of retail shopping per annum in the UK (58 million) now happens online, rather than 51 million offline.

According to BigCommerce, the most successful cyber best practices for eCommerce in the past two years were:

    • Selling through Facebook or Instagram
    • Email marketing before thanksgiving
    • Using Amazon to sell
    • Content and commerce integrations and strategies
    • Inventory preparation
    • User experience for mobile and desktop
    • Influencer marketing and social media engagement.

Navigating business online

Operating online gives any business access to a global market. However, organisations need to be aware of their obligations and how to stay safe online. As shown from the above stats, operating online involves dealing on various platforms, all with their own terms of use and user generated content.

Running a successful online venture requires navigating a whole range of legal issues.

How Ai Law can help you.


Building your brand creates valuable Intellectual Property. You must first structure your brand vehicle, along with considering any competitor’s already in the market. Once created, ownership rights and registration is crucial to ensure you can effectively protect your IP and enforce against infringers later on.

Protecting your brand will be an ongoing task, requiring close monitoring of your competitors and content posted on social media. It is necessary to enforce your rights at the earliest opportunity against potential infringers or defamers, so not to lose your intellectual property rights through implied consent, or to prevent any defamatory content from tarnishing your reputation.

Statements made on your website must be substantiated and verified so not to contravene advertising standards or other competitor brands and to validate your brand’s reputation.


There are additional regulatory requirements when operating online. This will be dependent on where you are taken to be operating in the world and which markets you are advertising or selling into. Data Protection and tax issues are some of the most prominent issues and it is important to have strong terms of business and privacy policies in place to prevent investigations or scrutiny and to check your choice of law clauses in your supplier contracts.

Terms and Conditions
Distance Selling
Data Protection Policies
Regulatory Enforcement

Customer Care

The mode of reaching your customers may be changing, but customer care is still the same. A business will only survive if it looks after its customers. It is necessary to have the proper terms and conditions, import export agreements, and credit control procedures in place to effectively run operations. At the other side of operations, strong relationships with your suppliers are just as important as they would be with a bricks and mortar business. It is important to secure your supply and affiliate agreements and review IP licences to protect your rights and safeguard your web content.

Commercial Contracting
Agency and Distribution
Dispute Resolution

“e-Business” and “Brand Protection” Services

It takes specific focus and know-how of online matters to apply the usual specialisms in an online context. Our e-business service does exactly that. It can help you navigate the regulatory requirements online and our Brand Protection service compliments by being able to take ready action against third parties that may be threatening your operation.

We offer advisory and execution services to structure your operation in the most effective way.

Our dispute resolution team has expertise dealing with defamation online which can be more easily published, and arguably more damaging, than it would be by more blank and white ink forms of publication.

Our intellectual property team can review your brand marks and content and advise on likelihood of opposition by third parties already in the market. Our TM Application Service provides a fixed fee transparent TM service to register your IP as applicable. Our contentious work includes enforcing those rights against infringers.

Our Approach

In keeping with our ethos, we seek to add value to our clients through our services offered and like to “get to know” our clients. Our e-Business service is multi-disciplinary and results in helping you to create a clear picture of what your brand looks like and an arsenal to protect it as it grows.

Instructing Us

When you instruct us, we will provide you with a fee quote or estimate for the instructions. We may also incur the fees of third parties on your behalf (for example, barristers) for which you will be liable. We can agree a fixed fee estimate at the outset of any instruction. For some services like our TM Application Service our fees are set, and can be viewed on our website, or by getting in touch with us.

In calculating our fees we take into account the value, complexity, time and urgency of an instruction. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the basis of our charges will be by reference to the time we spend on your matter. Our fee earners charge a fixed hourly rate based on their position and experience. You can find our hourly rates by getting in touch with us here.

To Instruct us, please simply get in touch with the nature of your enquiry. We will be on hand, no obligation, to speak with you today on how we can help. To do this, either call us, fill out the contact form below, or drop us an email and benefit from our expertise in e-Business to help you run your operation.

“Our goal is to add value. by focusing on our clients we can provide a better tailored service. if we are familiar with who our client is, then we are better placed to help them to meet their needs. that is why the majority of our instructions come from repeat clients”

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