Our New Comprehensive Guide to Trade Marks

Nov 5, 2021

Please find our free resource, our comprehensive guide to protecting your trade marks and the importance of trade mark management.


LINK: https://ai-law.co.uk/trademark-protection-guide/

Trade marks and all intelectual property are vital to businesses and are tangible assets that store value. Therefore, it is important to ensure they are sufficiently protected.

Ai Law specialises in IP, advising on brand protection issues, dispute resolution, and registration services.

Trademark Protection Guide

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Our Trade Mark Application Services:

Our designated Trade Mark Application Service   advises you on what you can protect and applying for reigstration of your trade marks in UK, EU and USA.

If you need to reigster your Trade Mark or take advice on it, please contact us and find more information about our services by clicking here.

Trademark Application Service

Our E-Business and Brand Management Services:

Our E-Business services is an area which we expect to continue to grow at a rapid rate. It focuses on online and social media orientated businesses, and our practice advises on matters common to that area including defamantion, infringement and advertising standards. You can find further details on our E-Business services by clicking here or below.



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