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A full-service commercial law firm offering high quality and professional legal services. We come to understand our clients’ business, ethos, and aims which shapes how we approach each matter, in a way that is unique and value-building to each client. You can view our main Specialisms here.

An Important win for freedom of speech.

twitterlinkedininstagramAi Law has acted on a successful claim against Blackpool Borough Council with respect to their government decision taken to ban bus adverts advertising an event held in September 2018 at the Blackpool Winter Garden by charity group Lancashire...

Limited Liability A history of Salomon v Salomon

twitterlinkedininstagramINTRODUCTION The concept of limited liability is, as some modern corporate law scholars believe, as important an invention as electricity and the steam engine.  This might be too extreme a comparison, nevertheless, the importance of limited...

Articles of Association: What is missing from the Model Articles?

twitterlinkedininstagramAll limited companies must have articles of association. These set the rules company officers must follow when running their companies. “Model” articles of association are the standard default articles a company can use. They are prescribed by...

Why make a will and what you should consider.

twitterlinkedininstagramWhy make a will and what to Consider: Essential reasons to avoid your assets being distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules which could mean, for instance, your spouse not inheriting all of your estate to ensure that those you wish to...

Blockchain: transcending the digital space, and bricks and mortar businesses.

twitterlinkedininstagramLooking to the future, this article considers the potential for blockchain technology to  revolutionise society and its wider impact on everyday life.  When you talk about blockchain, most people think about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Whilst...

A Full-Service Commercial Firm

Our main objective is to provide solutions and seek to add value through our knowledge, expertise and a commercial awareness that goes beyond what is expected. Our clients include private individuals, SMEs, charitable organisations, financers and private banks, investors, trustees and other entities. We pride ourselves on our experience and the contacts that we have made throughout our years of practice, which enables us to deliver to you a conclusive professional legal services package. Our solicitors would be happy to hear from you to consider your matter. To speak with a solicitor today contact us here.



The heart of our practice. Transactional and advisory services. We advise on all commercial transactions within a diverse area of law. Particular focus on:

  • Start Ups

  • Restructures

  • Commercial Contracting

  • E-commerce and Online

  • Agency and Distribution, both domestic and cross-border

  • Intellectual Property


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Real Estate

Commercial, residential, investment and land back securities.

  • Commercial Property

  • Residential Conveyancing

  • Title Investigations

  • Off-Plan

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Experienced advisors to entities on private corporate transactions.

  • Acquisitions

  • Lending and Securitisation

  • Management Investment

  • Structuring, Share Issuing and Class Rights

  • Ventures

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Dispute Resolution

A pragmatic team advising on wide range of contentious issues.

  • Civil Litigation

  • Contractual Disputes

  • Intellectual Property Infringement

  • Landlord and Tenant Dispute

  • Judicial Review

  • Defamation Claims

  • Employment Claims

  • Debt Recovery and Insolvency Actions

  • Immigration Appeals Tribunals

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Advice tailored to clients operating on the internet and social media.

Acting on matters involving the internet requires specific awareness of the unique legal processes applied to an online context. Ai Law has built up a wealth of experience – our Brand Protection and e-Business service offers a full package to clients with online operations. Our team is aware of the latest technologies through consistent acting, so that we may provide our tech, media and e-commerce clients with guidance and assistance.

Designed for organisations operating online and wanting somebody in their corner to protect their brand. Our service guides you and acts on disputes. 

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“Our goal is to add value. WE PRIORITISE KNOWING our clientS AND FOCUSING ON THEIR NEEDS BECAUSE WHEN WE DO THIS, we are better placed TO PROVIDE A VALUED SERVICE AND Help them . THIS FOCUS IS why the majority of our instructions come from repeat clients.”

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