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We are a full-service commercial law firm, providing advice that you can follow. See below for our list of specialisms and information on the work we do. Leave your details  or contact us to speak to somebody today and benefit. 

Advising businesses and individuals on commercial matters makes up the majority of our practice.  We advise on all commercial transactions within a diverse area of law.


We are a full-service commercial law firm offering legal expertise to businesses and individuals on an array of commercial matters. For a full list of our offerings, click here. 


Complimenting our commercial services, we offer a commercial service with particular focus on the sporting world. Acting for professional sports clubs, agents, community interest groups, players and back room staff, we offer services to the sporting world including: Agency and agent agreements Employment Hearings before sporting regulatory bodies Restructures Sponsorship Disputes Contracts


Our corporate and commercial work is at the heart of the practice. We look to give advice tailored to our client’s particular needs and have experience advising on a range of private corporate matters.

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Our dispute resolution team has experience that ranges from county court level all the way to Supreme Court and Strasbourg. We act on a range of matters from large corporate and financial disputes to individual matters. We advise our clients with a commercial awareness and seek to resolve disputes to the benefit of our clients. 

We handle:

  • civil dispute and proceedings
  • domestic and international dispute
  • contract and tort
  • breach of contract
  • debt recovery
  • insurance claims
  • injunctive relief
  • mediation and alternate dispute resolution

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We assist those seeking a UK visa, facilitating the application from its advisory stages to decision.

We understand the system and with our transparent fixed fee structure it makes sense to instruct us. Immigration is a constantly changing area and it pays to have somebody with professional experience and knowledge on your side. 

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Intellectual property rights are valuable assets that can be created, bought, sold, assigned and disputed. They are paramount to a business and offer protection of a creator’s original content and work. It is a technical area of law and it is strongly advised to seek professional advice before embarking on any transaction or matter involving IPRs.

At Ai Law, our commercial IP team has insight and expertise to advise you on your intellectual property.

We offer an extensive Trademark Application Service that advises on created and managing your trademark portfolio and our dispute resolution team can advise on all IP natured disputes.


Ai Law offers its Estate Planning and Asset Protection services to private clients, particularly tailored towards its overseas clients with investments in UK.

Combined with its Business Services, the Private Estate Planning team focuses on the following areas:

  • Wills
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Business Succession and Structuring
  • UK Real Estate and Asset Protection
  • International Private Client Services

The service is aimed to advise our clients on the best vehicles and options available in which to invest, considering local laws, tax implications, and transparency. It then seeks to advise on how to protect those investments through structuring, wills, succession plans, and powers of attorney. Finally it seeks to protect in particular our overseas clients from the risk of fraud through powers of attorney and nominee services, alert services, and SAIL service addresses.

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We consider the protection and promotion of freedoms and human rights as implicit to our ethos and a key object to our existence. We have practitioners with extensive experience seeking to protect and enshrine rights dealing with claims under the Equalities Act and ECHR, claims against police, wrongful arrest, immigration appeals and judicial review.

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Our team advises on a range of England and Wales property matters, providing services to both domestic and international clients. We advise on commercial and non-commercial matters. 

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“Our goal is to add value. by focusing on our clients we can provide a better tailored service. if we are familiar with who our client is, then we are better placed to help them to meet their needs. that is why the majority of our instructions come from repeat clients”

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