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What it means to work at Ai

When we say we are a forward-thinking firm, it is not just a soundbite; we really mean it. At Ai we go beyond by seeking to take a positive vested interest in our client’s business. We want to get to know our clients and their business in a personal way so that we are able to provide pragmatic commercial advice that is well suited and in line with our client’s overall aims and objectives.
We believe that relationships are crucial and are happy to say that the majority of our clients are repeat. For this reason we take a multi-disciplinary approach so that we can be on hand to assist our clients with whatever issues they may face. Whilst lawyers may have a particular area of expertise that they lean towards, we expect our fee earners to have a well-rounded knowledge of civil law and to feel comfortable tackling legal questions across multiple areas of law. It is not uncommon for our staff to work on different types of disciplines throughout the day which means every day may be different.
The last thing we want is for our firm or our lawyers to be institutional and therefore we are keen to encourage our fee earners to develop relationships with their clients, working directly with them to tackle their issues and meet their needs, all with the support and infrastructure of Ai and its team behind them.
We trust our staff, which is why it is so important that we hire the right people. By allowing freedom we expect professionalism and a high quality of service in return. We adopt a personal and fun back office approach as much as are able to provide a healthy work environment, which in turn we believe has a direct link to the quality of service that is offered to our clients.
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