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Our Commitment

As a firm, we commit ourselves to a cause. We want to provide high-quality legal services and for our clients to experience something more.

Ai Law sells a product that is legal services. We want it to be an exclusive high-quality product. We want our clients to have an experience when they use us that makes them feel secure, prioritized and involved in the process.

There is a bigger picture to every instruction and a person behind every client.

The Ai experience should project manage our client’s needs and act in their best interests. Let’s build a story by providing a product that sets us apart and makes us unique.

When a client instructs us we want them to experience Ai Law. We don’t want to be average or the same as every other law firm out there.

Creating Solutions
Building Relationships
Creating Efficiencies
Providing a professional and tailored service
Helping Others to achieve their aims
Personal Development

Delivering Our Product

We have identified Three Key Areas to perfecting our Product delivery.

1) Onboarding and Client Care

Onboarding and Client Care must be efficient and quick. We need to strike whilst the iron is hot. We endeavour to respond to enquiries and quote requests and have capacity to deal with matters swiftly. We recognise that speed-of-response is very important. The Onboarding process is the first impression of the firm and the beginning of your experience. Client Care should assist the client, not hinder.

2) Case Progression and Fee Earners

We must provide an attentive service. This is the meat on the bones. The point of relationship and fee earner will have the most interaction with the client whilst carrying out the instruction. We must be proactive in our approach and be transparent providing progress-updates and clear advice as we go.

3) Billing and Finance

Let’s not avoid the obvious. We are a commercial business and billing and recovery is key. We are committed to employing an efficient and value-building billing process and being transparent to ensure our clients are secure. Our fee levels are intended to represent the value, time and complexity of our instruction and cover the cost of our expertise and services. With our results-driven approach our clients are happy with the outcome. This results in our business growth, investment, and personal development of our staff members, which in turn allows us to continue to refine our offering to our clients for the good of all.

When we say we are a forward-thinking firm, it is not just a soundbite, we really mean it.

Our Specialist Focus Areas

Providing solutions through our knowledge, expertise and commercial awareness.

Brand Protection

We advise on all commercial transactions within a diverse area of law.

Company Corporate

Experienced advisors to entities on private corporate transactions.

Dispute Resolution

A pragmatic team advising on wide range of contentious issues.

Real Estate Services

Commercial, residential, investment and land back securities.

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