Litigation Brief – An Overview of CPR Part 19: Parties and Group Litigation

July 4, 2024

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CPR Part 19 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Part 19, focusing on its key provisions and practical implications for litigants and legal professionals.

What is CPR Part 19?

CPR Part 19 governs the procedures for parties in civil litigation, encompassing the addition, substitution, and removal of parties, as well as the management of group litigation orders (GLOs). It ensures that all relevant parties are properly identified and involved in the litigation process, promoting fairness and effective case management.

Key Provisions of CPR Part 19

1. Adding and Substituting Parties (CPR 19.2)

  • With Court Permission: Parties can be added or substituted with the court’s permission, ensuring that the correct parties are involved in the proceedings.
  • Fairness: Protects the rights of all parties by allowing for adjustments in case circumstances change.

2. Group Litigation Orders (GLOs) (CPR 19.10)

  • Management of Multiple Claims: Facilitates the efficient management of cases involving multiple claimants with similar or related issues.
  • Centralization: Centralizes management to streamline procedures and avoid duplication of efforts.

3. Removal of Parties (CPR 19.4)

  • Ensuring Relevance: Allows for the removal of parties who are no longer relevant to the proceedings, maintaining focus on core issues.
  • Judicial Discretion: Subject to judicial discretion to ensure fairness and efficiency in litigation.

Importance of CPR Part 19

Efficiency in Case Management

CPR Part 19 contributes to the efficient management of litigation by ensuring that all necessary parties are involved from the outset. This reduces delays and facilitates smoother proceedings, benefiting both litigants and the court.

Fairness and Transparency

By providing clear procedures for adding, substituting, and removing parties, CPR Part 19 promotes fairness and transparency in civil litigation. It ensures that all parties have an equal opportunity to present their case and defend their rights.

Streamlined Group Litigation

GLOs under CPR Part 19 are particularly valuable in complex cases involving multiple claimants. They enable coordinated management and resolution of common issues, enhancing judicial efficiency and reducing costs for all parties involved.

Practical Implications for Litigants and Legal Professionals

Understanding and complying with CPR Part 19 is essential for effective case management and litigation strategy. Properly navigating the procedures for adding, substituting, or removing parties can significantly impact the outcome of a case.

Tips for Compliance

For Legal Professionals:

  • Early Assessment: Assess the need to add or substitute parties at the earliest stage of litigation.
  • Court Application: Prepare a clear and persuasive application when seeking court permission for adding or substituting parties.

For Litigants:

  • Notification: Notify all relevant parties promptly about any changes in litigation status.
  • Legal Advice: Seek legal advice to understand your rights and responsibilities under CPR Part 19.


CPR Part 19 is instrumental in shaping the landscape of civil litigation in the UK, providing essential guidelines for managing parties and group litigation effectively.

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