Litigation Brief – An Overview of CPR Part 20: Counterclaims and Additional Claims

July 4, 2024

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CPR Part 20 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Part 20 is crucial for litigants and legal professionals to effectively manage and address additional issues related to the main claim.

What is CPR Part 20?

CPR Part 20 facilitates the efficient resolution of multiple issues within the same litigation proceedings. It allows parties to assert additional claims that arise out of or are connected with the main claim, ensuring comprehensive adjudication and avoidance of separate proceedings.

Key Provisions of CPR Part 20

1. Counterclaims (CPR 20.2)

  • Definition: Counterclaims are claims by a defendant against a claimant in response to the main claim.
  • Procedure: Must be pleaded and served in accordance with court rules.

2. Additional Claims (CPR 20.4)

  • Cross-claims: Claims made by one party against another party involved in the same proceedings.
  • Third-party claims: Claims brought by a defendant against a person not already a party to the proceedings.

3. Procedure (CPR 20.6)

  • Notice: Parties must notify the court and other parties of their intention to make additional claims.
  • Consolidation: Allows for the consolidation of related claims to streamline proceedings.

Importance of CPR Part 20

Comprehensive Resolution

CPR Part 20 enables parties to address all related issues in a single set of proceedings, promoting judicial economy and avoiding the need for separate lawsuits. This ensures that all relevant claims are adjudicated upon, reducing the risk of inconsistent judgments.

Efficiency in Litigation

By allowing for the consolidation of counterclaims and additional claims, CPR Part 20 enhances procedural efficiency. It streamlines the litigation process, saves time, and reduces costs associated with multiple lawsuits.

Strategic Advantage

Parties can strategically use CPR Part 20 to assert claims that may impact the outcome of the main claim or provide a defense against the opposing party’s allegations. This procedural tool enhances litigation strategy and strengthens legal positions.

Practical Implications for Litigants and Legal Professionals

Understanding and leveraging CPR Part 20 requires careful consideration of procedural requirements and strategic implications. Properly pleading and managing counterclaims and additional claims can significantly influence the outcome of litigation.

Tips for Compliance

For Legal Professionals:

  • Early Assessment: Identify potential counterclaims and additional claims at the outset of litigation.
  • Procedural Compliance: Ensure all claims are pleaded and served in accordance with CPR rules.

For Litigants:

  • Strategic Consideration: Evaluate the strategic advantages and risks of asserting counterclaims and additional claims.
  • Legal Representation: Seek legal advice to navigate the complexities of CPR Part 20 and maximize your procedural rights.


CPR Part 20 plays a pivotal role in facilitating comprehensive and efficient litigation in the UK legal system.

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