The Essential Functions of a Trademark

What is a trade mark? The terms “trade mark” and “brand” are often used interchangeably. Both refer to a recognisable sign that denotes origin and quality. A trademark can be infringed if it is used by another without the consent from the owner. From this perspective, a trademark gives its owner a monopoly over that […]

Coexistence agreements for trade mark owners.

Coexistence agreements Coexistence agreements can be used to settle or avoid disputes where two parties wish to use similar marks for similar goods and services. If registration of a trademark is legitimately opposed, it is worth considering whether the opposing party would be willing to enter into a coexistence agreement so that both marks can […]

Modern Day Brand Protection – How can a Business Protect its Intellectual Property Online.

Intellectual¬†property denotes ownership in the forms of expression of certain types of information and ideas. They are invaluable rights and protect a businesses identity and creations. IP can exist in every aspect of a business, including its processes, names, logos, impressions, formulation of ideas and know-how. It is the thing that makes one business unique […]